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How to Load Your E-Bike on a Car

Whether you’re taking your E-bike with you on a holiday, heading to the trails, or just getting out of the city to ride quiet, peaceful roads, you’ll need to load it on a car rack to get where you’re going. Fortunately, all Giant E-bikes fit normal car racks, though it’s important to always check the weight capacity of the rack you are using. Most Giant E-bikes weigh around 20-25kg, and most car racks can hold around 45kg.

To make loading the bike easier, you may want to remove the EnergyPak from your E-bike. This makes it much lighter and easier to handle. You can then carry the EnergyPak inside your car. Just be careful the temperature is not to hot or too cold.

After you put the E-bike on the rack, tighten the ratchets and straps to be sure the E-bike is firmly attached to the rack.

Now all that’s left to do is to start your engine and head for adventure.