Ova profesionalnog nivoa aluminijska tehnologija skrojena je sa najnaprednijim mineralima, metodama formiranja i tehnologijama varenja. Koristi se za proizvodnju super laganih te okvira sa visokim performansama. ALUXX SLR nudi najbolji omjer čvrstoće u donosu na težinu uzevši u obzir sva aluminijska Giant bicikla.

1. Premium Alloy
Professional grade 6011 alloy is used to produce superlight aluminum frames with our highest strength-to-weight ratios.
2. Tripple Butted
Butted frame tubes have walls that are thicker at the ends and thinner in the midsections. This allows engineers to maximize strength at the frame joints where the most stress occurs. We use state-of-the-art grain manipulation to produce triple-butted tubes with walls that are 20 percent thinner and lighter than ALUXX SL tubes.
3. FluidForm
High-pressure fluid is injected into the aluminum tubes to create complex frame shapes including junctions and areas around the headtube, bottom bracket and seatstays.
4. PressForm
Direct mechanical pressure is used to create more standard tube shapes that meet the engineering and design requirements of a particular frame.
5. Smooth Weld
Double pass welding techniques followed by a hand-sanding and polishing process joins the frame tubes together and forms smooth junctions with minimal weight. Our Smooth Weld technique also reduces the risk of stress risers and failures in the welds.
6. Slim Weld
Before the tubes are welded together, each junction is custom fit to ensure extremely tight tolerances. This produces the strongest frame tube junctions and uniform welds for maximum strength and clean aesthetics.