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The Giant Racing Team are a national road series cycling team with a unique point of difference. Not only do they aspire to develop their athletes to become world tour riders, but first and foremost they believe in creating well rounded individuals who will be successful on and off the bike. The team members hold each other accountable by engaging with people of all abilities and walks of life and have a focus on giving back to the community. They believe in equal opportunity and are the only NRS team with both a full men's and women's squad. Same kit, same sponsors, same support, one team one dream.

They have a community matters focus which anchors in on increasing knowledge and raising awareness for Dementia. They've partnered with the Dementia Project and have upskilled their riders to advocate in this field, including volunteer work at respite centres, pen pal letters, charity rides and informative sessions at school visits while on tour. As well as this, they actively involve themselves in any other community initiatives or good causes that present themselves. Follow the team on Instagram here.