The SLR 1 42 Disc WheelSystems are efficient lightweight all-around carbon road wheels that bring premium-level performance to all riders. Featuring hookless rim design and optimized carbon layup to ensure a robust yet lightweight structure, contemporary wider inner width, as well as low friction hubs offering low rolling resistance and Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology to maintain maximum power efficiency, the SLR 1 42 Disc bring outstanding performance at no compromise.

Key Performance Factors

Lightweight and Strong

Giant’s hookless rim design enhances overall strength and offers wider inner rim width, while an optimized carbon layup places carbon fiber at the most critical points to create an exceptionally robust structure at a minimum weight

Maximum Power

With Giant’s Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology and low friction hub, the SLR 1 features superior transmission efficiency and drastically reduced rolling resistance

Confident Handling

Hookless rim design’s wider inner width not only provides better support for a higher volume tire but also forms a rounder tire shape for better cornering stability.



Behind the outstanding performance of the new Giant SLR 1 42 Disc WheelSystems are several innovative technologies that deliver lightweight advantage, max power transfer and confident handling.

SLR 1 42 Disc WheelSystem with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Dynamic Balanced Lacing
Hookless Rim Design
Low Friction Hub
Tubeless System