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Every trail, every steep climb, every thrilling descent. Tested and developed by Giant’s E-bike enduro pros, this updated trail ripper gives you the power to enjoy the best parts of the ride again and again.

The Reign E+ was developed in partnership with the Giant Factory Off-Road Team. Josh Carlson, winner of multiple E-MTB national championships, played a key role in the process and helped the development team identify the critical areas to improve upon from the previous generation Reign E+.

Engineered for rugged off-road performance, the all-new Reign E+ series combines our latest pedal-assist technologies with race-proven design. The result is a cutting-edge full-suspension E-bike that can boost the riding experience on aggressive enduro terrain. From E-bike racers to everyday enthusiasts looking to tackle longer rides and improve their capabilities on challenging trails, the new Reign E+ is the most advanced E-bike we have ever produced.

SyncDrive Pro Motor

SyncDrive Pro
Our team of engineers and race mechanics worked closely with Yamaha to develop a new SyncDrive Pro motor that delivers increased torque output (up to 85Nm). The motor is also more compact and lighter weight (2.7kg), which helped make room for significantly more ground clearance.
SmartAssist sensor
The SyncDrive Pro powertrain offers SmartAssist technology, an automatic adaptive support mode. Instead of manually choosing a support mode (Power, Sport, Active, Basic or Eco), riders can opt to ride with SmartAssist, an intelligent system that uses six sensors and advanced algorithms to determine the optimal amount of pedaling support while riding variable terrain.

RideControl Go

The new RideControl Go unit, integrated into the top tube, features an on/off button and colored LED lights to indicate support mode and battery level. This clean setup eliminates the need for external wiring or additional handlebar-mounted units.

RideControl Ergo 3

The Reign E+ also comes with the RideControl Ergo 3, which is integrated with the handlebar grip. This three-button controller allows for a clean cockpit setup and can be configured for personal preferences via the RideControl App. It can be mounted on either the left or right side of the handlebar. Riders also have the option to add a second RideControl Ergo 3 unit on the opposite side for more controls.

EnergyPak Smart

The new Reign E+ series features the new EnergyPak Smart battery system for long-range adventures. This is our most premium battery technology, cleanly integrated into the downtube of the frameset. It can charge up to 80 percent in just over three hours.

Mixed Wheel Size

The Reign E+ features a mixed wheel size including a larger-diameter 29-inch front wheel. The larger wheel up front improves balance, control and roll-over capabilities on the roughest terrain. In the rear, a more compact motor and smaller 27.5-inch wheel helped our engineers tighten up the rear end by 19mm. This makes the new Reign E+ feel more nimble on the trail.

Maestro Suspension

Maestro Suspension
The robust ALUXX SL aluminum frameset is built around a Maestro rear suspension system that delivers 160mm of smooth, active rear travel for added traction and control on climbs and descents. Maestro’s near vertical wheel path and linear spring curve allow the rear suspension to remain incredibly sensitive to both small and big impacts—without “packing up” under rapid, successive hits or bottoming out under big hits.
Flip Chip Maestro
A flip chip located on the Maestro rear suspension linkage allows riders to quickly adjust frame geometry to suit the terrain they are riding. The high position is recommended for slower, tighter, more technical terrain. It offers a steeper head angle for quick handling and a steeper seat tube angle to put the rider in a more aggressive climbing position. The low position is ideal for faster, more open terrain. It adjusts to a slacker head angle and places the front wheel a bit farther out in front of the rider for more confidence on steeper terrain. The low position also lowers the center of gravity, making the E-bike feel more stable at higher speeds.

Reign E+ Series