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Attack the trail with total confidence. Giant's freshly designed Off-Road WheelSystems combine engineered durability with superior efficiency, letting you ride faster with pinpoint control.

Superior Efficiency
Best-in-class transmission efficiency combined with lighter overall wheel weight helps you accelerate and climb faster. Giant’s new purpose-built off-road WheelSystems give you an added boost when you need it most— while pushing hard to get up to speed or tackling steep climbs.
Pinpoint Control
Unexpected wheel flex in a rowdy corner can have disastrous results. Added lateral stiffness and superior braking performance provide the stability and confidence you need to charge hard through the corners. Optimized inner rim width allows for higher volume tires, providing maximum traction, so you can smash through the roughest singletrack with absolute control.
Engineered Durability
Hit the most technical singletrack with little worry of damaging your rims. Giant’s new handcrafted hookless rim design features better carbon continuity, optimized carbon laminate and meticulous carbon sheeting, giving you the durability needed to conquer big drops and rocky descents.

Introducing the all-new Off-Road Wheelsystems


Power up the steepest climb. Maintain total control in the rowdiest corner. Nail your line on the most technical descent. When it comes to performance, wheel choice influences your ride more than any other component on your bike. That’s why Giant has spent years developing and engineering innovative technologies, performing exhaustive testing and working with our pro race teams to deliver a dedicated design that delivers performance and inspires confidence under any condition, on any terrain.

Dedicated Design for Distinct Riding Conditions

Giant designs each model of our new Off-Road WheelSystem for distinct riding conditions by tuning everything from materials selection, performance settings, and carbon laminates used to form the rim. The result is a wheelset that gives you the correct strength, stiffness and weight for your choice of trail.

Giant’s lightest, most efficient XC race WheelSystem delivers the efficient power transmission, light weight and durability you need to crush every XC course.
Giant’s strongest, most robust trail WheelSystem inspires true confidence when riding hard through the most technical terrain.

Ride the rowdiest of trails with complete trust in your wheels. Giant’s new Impact Resistant Design features carefully selected material combined with dedicated structural reinforcement, providing our toughest and most resilient carbon wheels ever.

Hookless Design

Enhanced Overall Strength

To identify the best structure for overall performance and durability, Giant engineers examined every possible angle of the new rim composition. After months of testing, we decided on a new carbon molding process to produce a hookless design with superior carbon continuity. The result: greatly improved overall strength and impact resistance.


Improved Impact Resistance

Tackling extreme singletrack, drops and jumps can be hard on your wheels. That's why we increased rim bead width, to help disperse impact load and enhance the rim's structural strength, all without increasing overall weight

Precise Spoke Hole Reinforcement

The Ultimate Combination of Strength & Light Weight

To achieve the perfect balance of durability and weight, Giant engineered precise reinforcement around each spoke hole, giving support exactly where it’s needed without adding any unnecessary material.

Refined Inner Shape

Improved Durability

Featuring optimized carbon layering, Giant’s redesigned rim has smoother transitions, creating a more durable overall structure with superior impact resistance.

Optimized Carbon Laminate

Tailor-Made for Distinct Riding Conditions

Made with an optimized laminate that uses carefully selected and meticulously placed carbon sheets, the new rim boasts maximum strength and performance without compromising weight.

Optimal Rim Inner Width

Improved Stability

Optimized inner rim width maximizes the performance of today’s higher volume off-road tires, giving you improved traction, more stable cornering with less fear of tire burp, and a smoother ride quality.