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High Marks For Entour E+ in New E-Bike Tips Review!


The website posted a new review on the Entour E+ 2, a mid-motor E-bike aimed at commuters, urban and recreational riders. After being tested on hilly city terrain, the aluminum-framed E-bike, which is available with either a traditional diamond frame or a step-through frame, received a strong 4-star ranking (out of 5).

The review starts by looking at the build quality and design of the Entour E+ 2, and reviewer Dave Atkinson also points out some of the more useful design features and accessories.

The bike has a full city-friendly build, with full mudguards and a half chainguard,” Atkinson wrote. Spanninga Galeo front and Spanninga Solo rear lights get you seen about town and there’s a good quality kickstand too, mounted on the back of the chainstay so it’s out of the way of the pedals. The bike has a stem that’s adjustable for both height and angle, and the swept bars give a comfortable and upright position for good visibility.”

The Entour E+2 is powered by Giant’s SyncDrive Life motor, engineered using Yamaha’s technology and tuned by Giant to deliver outstanding performance.

Giant’s SyncDrive Life motor system is based on Yamaha’s PW motor, but using their own firmware and battery and control hardware,” Atkinson wrote. “It’s capable of 60Nm of torque, which isn’t far off Bosch’s Performance Line motor, and it’s certainly an eager unit. The assistance starts at 80% assistance, so if you’re putting 100W through the pedals then the bike will add 80W of its own.” 

Summing it up, Atkinson wrote: "The Entour E+ 2 is a good quality mid motor city bike with a solid spec. It has plenty of power for the hills and enough range for most people's city riding. 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018