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Bicycling Australia: Defy Advanced a "Very Good All-Around Performer"


For its November issue, Bicycling Australia reviewed the 2018 Defy Advanced road bike, claiming that the entry-level composite endurance bike from Giant delivers “an impressive no-nonsense performance.”

Bicycling Australia editor Gary Hunt outlines the history of the Defy range, first introduced in 2009, and describes where the latest Defy Advanced fits into that range.

“The Defy reflects the essence of an endurance and gran fondo machine,” Hunt wrote. “Longish wheelbase, a tall headtube (some 22mm taller than an equivalent sized TCR) so you don’t necessarily need the flexibility of a yoga master to be at home on this bike. The Defy effectively insulates the rider from road buzz and bumps through choice of carbon fiber and its layup. The component spec of course plays a part in this enhanced ride quality.”

Hunt pointed to the D-Fuse seatpost design as one major factor in its smooth ride quality. He also described Giant’s innovative Conduct braking system, writing: “This is a hybrid braking system, cable-hydraulic setup. While there is no difference in braking power or performance, the system keeps build time and costs down.”

He also praised Giant's new tubeless technology, writing: "The wheels and tires both carry printing claiming they are tubeless ready, but better than this they're fully set up with sealant on board and no tubes! I didn't have any punctures during the review period, but was interested to see how much hassle was involved in fixing a flat with these tires. The tires came off quite easily, with the help of a couple of basic plastic tire levers, and I managed to retain 95% of the sealant which pooled in the tire casing. Putting the tires back on posed no more problem than a regular tubed setup and the beads popped into place with a few strokes of a medium volume floor pump. A quick wipe down with soapy water and it was done."

Summing up the overall experience on the Defy Advanced, Hunt wrote: “Giant has nailed the endurance brief with this bike. It’ll suit those looking to get into riding on a good-looking, high performing bike that punches above its weight.”

For more, check out the complete review on the Bicycling Australia website. And for all the details on the 2018 Defy range, click here.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017