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Cycling lights are safety essentials for staying visible in low light and dark conditions - letting you ride after sunset - our lights are feature packed with a wide range of options and prices available

Giant Numen Plus HL 0

Giant Numen Plus HL 1

Giant Numen Plus HL 1.5

Giant Numen Plus HL 2

Giant Numen+ Spark Mini HL Headlight

Giant Numen+ Spark HL Headlight

Numen+ Link LED USB Headlight

Numen+ Link LED USB Taillight

Giant Numen TL 1

Giant Numen Aero Plus TL

Giant Numen+ Spark TL Taillight

Giant Numen+ Spark Mini TL Taillight

Giant Numen Plus TL 2

Numen 3 Combo Kit

Numen 4 Combo Kit

Numen Plus Spark Mini Combo

Numen Click HL

Numen Click TL

Numen Click Plus HL

Numen Click Plus TL

Giant Numen Mounts

Giant Headlight Mount Adaptor for GoPro mounts