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EnergyPak Smart Charger

Current price: $284 RRP

The Smart charger is the fastest way to charge your EnergyPak and is compatible with our newest systems. Charging performance is 2.2 hours to charge 80 percent with an EnergyPak Smart 625. The Smart charger also helps extend battery life. When the EnergyPak is charged more than 500 cycles, this charger uses a lower voltage, so the cells are used in a less energetic way. Battery life is extended while total charging time remains the same. Switching between full charge and 60% storage mode can be done with the simple press of a button.



  • MY19: Trance E+, Fathom E+ Pro, Vall E+ Pro, Intrigue E+
  • MY20: Trance E+, Stance E+, Reign E+, FastRoad E+, FastRoad E+ EX, Revolt E+,  Intrigue E+, Embolden E+, Thrive E+, Vall E+ Pro
  • MY21: Trance X E+, Stance E+, FastRoad E+, FastRoad E+ EX, Revolt E+, Intrigue X E+, Embolden E+, Thrive E+, Explore E+, Amiti E+, Momentum Transend E+, Momentum Vida E+
  • MY22: Revolt E+ XR (Australia only), Reign E+ models, Trance X Advanced E+ models, Trance X E+ models, Stance E+, Liv Embolden E+, FastRoad E+ EX Pro, Explore E+, Liv Thrive E+ EX, Liv Amiti E+,
    Liv Intrigue X E+, Momentum Transend E+, Momentum Vida E+, Talon E+ Jr, Liv Tempt E+ Jr.
  • MY23 Stance E+, Liv Embolden E+, Explore E+, Liv Amiti E+


6A charger


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