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Introducing the all-new Giant off-road footwear range

Where your foot meets the pedal is where energy input is transferred into forward motion; it is the fundamental connection point between you and your bike. Because this connection is only as effective as the footwear that supports it, Giant has worked with biomechanics experts, industry-leading footwear consultants and our own professional riders to develop an all-new off-road shoe line that optimizes the natural motion of your foot. Offering a perfect combination of stiffness and torsional flex and providing superior power transfer, Giant’s all-new off-road footwear series gives you the performance, comfort and durability you need to ride farther and faster under the most demanding conditions.


Cycling gear that functions best while in motion. That’s the idea behind Dynamic Cycling Fit (DCF), an overarching design philosophy that lifts products in Giant’s footwear collection to a higher level of performance, fit and comfort.

To bring any DCF product to life, the most advanced engineering and testing methodologies are required. Extensive research is conducted —with athletes, engineers and experts in biomechanics—to rethink product development from a dynamic point of view. For our DCF shoe line, collaboration included industry-leading footwear developers and Giant Factory Off-Road Team racers, and testing was conducted in labs, at team camps and, of course, at races around the world. 

It takes commitment to develop new technologies, new solutions and, ultimately, a more seamless connection between rider and bike. Commitment seen, for example, in the Motion Efficiency System and in models featuring ExoBeam and ExoWrap—bold, dynamic innovations that greatly improve pedaling and power efficiency.

A higher level of performance, fit and comfort: when you see the DCF logo, that’s what you can expect.