How to Lock an E-Bike

It is always best to store your E-bike safely inside, but when that’s not possible a quality bike lock is your best security system. And if you really want to be safe, two bike locks are even better. Thieves are always looking for opportunities, and the sight of two locks may cause them to look elsewhere.

Always be sure the lock is attached to something immovable and secure. Look for things like solid metal posts, street lights, fences, etc. This will prevent potential thieves from moving the object somewhere out of sight and cutting the lock.

Another tip: Remove the EnergyPak when parking your bike in a public place. This makes your E-bike less enticing to thieves. (Just remember, however, that the bike can still be ridden without an EnergyPak.) Removing your EnergyPak (which requires a key) also ensures that no one will steal your bike’s power source.