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Animator C/B 16


219 €



Nothing beats the feeling of your first pedal bike. This two-wheeler comes with removable training wheels and makes it easy for kids to fall in love with cycling.

Available with 12- or 16-inch wheels and removable training wheels, this new mini machine is an express ticket to fun and freedom. Animator is designed to make riding easy for kids. It features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame, a shorter crank and narrow Q-factor for easier pedaling, and short-reach brake levers to give them confident stopping power. It also has an adjustable riding position and longer insertion depth for the seatpost, which makes it easier to achieve a perfect fit for kids of different heights. It comes with removable training wheels, so it’s easy to get started and then graduate to two wheels whenever they’re ready.


Engineered for kids

Short crank length and narrow Q-factor makes Animator easy to pedal, and a lightweight aluminum frame allows small children to have more control while riding.

Kid-friendly features

Short-reach brake levers, lower stand-over height, protective stem pad and removable training wheels make it fun and safe for kids learning to ride a pedal bike.


ALUXX aluminum frame material provides long-lasting reliability, backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Größenone size
FarbenMetallic Black, Metallic Green
RahmenALUXX-Grade Aluminum
Gabelhigh-tensile steel
LenkerGiant Kids, 110mm rise, 520mm width
Vorbaualloy quill, 25.4x40mm
Sattelstützealloy, 25.4x200mm
SattelGiant Kids
KetteKMC C410
Kurbelsatzalloy forged, 28t, 89mm
Tretlagerloose ball
FelgenGiant Kids 16", alloy
Nabennutted, 20h with 74mm O.L.D
ReifenInnova IA-2094, 16x2.25"
Extrastraining wheels, bell, protective pad

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbänderungen vorbehalten.

Größenhilfe und Geometrie

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

bike diagram
  One Size
Sitzrohrlänge (mm) (inch)2088,2
Sitzrohrwinkel (degrees)72,0°
Oberrohrlänge (mm) (inch)38215
Steuerrohrlänge (mm) (inch)1003,9
Steuerrohrwinkel (degrees)71,0°
Gabel (mm) (inch)351,4
Spur (mm) (inch)80,73,1
Radstand (mm) (inch)73829,1
Kettenstrebenlänge (mm) (inch)31012,2
Tretlager (mm) (inch)00
Stapel (mm) (inch)32812,9
Reichweite (mm) (inch)27610,9
Überstandshöhe (mm) (inch)40716
Lenkerbreite (mm) (inch)52520,7
Vorbaulänge (mm) (inch)401,6
Kurbellänge (mm) (inch)893,5
Radgröße 16"


ALUXX Aluminum Technologie

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbänderungen vorbehalten.