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AllTour SLR 2


1.099 €

Welche Größe fahre ich?



Größenhilfe und Geometrie

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

  • M
      170 cm5’7”  to 180 cm5’11”
  • L
      180 cm5’11”  to 190 cm6’3”
  • XL
      190 cm6’3”  to 200 cm6’7”
bike diagram
Sitzrohrlänge (mm) (inch)50019,755021,760023,6
Sitzrohrwinkel (degrees)73,0°73,0°73,0°
Oberrohrlänge (mm) (inch)58022,860023,662024,4
Steuerrohrlänge (mm) (inch)1305,11455,71606,3
Steuerrohrwinkel (degrees)71,0°71,0°71,0°
Gabel (mm) (inch)421,7421,7421,7
Spur (mm) (inch)78,83,178,83,178,83,1
Radstand (mm) (inch)107842,4109943,3111944,1
Kettenstrebenlänge (mm) (inch)45517,945517,945517,9
Tretlager (mm) (inch)602,4602,4602,4
Stapel (mm) (inch)61124,162524,663925,2
Reichweite (mm) (inch)39315,540916,142516,7
Überstandshöhe (mm) (inch)77130,481031,985033,5
Lenkerbreite (mm) (inch)59023,259023,259023,2
Vorbaulänge (mm) (inch)903,51104,31104,3
Kurbellänge (mm) (inch)1706,71756,91756,9
Radgröße 700C700C700C


ALUXX SLR Aluminum Technologie
D-Fuse Technologie
Tubeless System

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