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Recon Lights Win Design and Innovation Gold Medal Award!


The new Giant Recon light system was honored last week at the Taipei Cycle show with a Gold Medal Award for design and innovation.

The annual d&i awards are organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Bicycle Association. Winners are chosen by iF Design Asia in several different categories ranging from bicycles to components.

The new Recon headlight series, including the Recon HL1600 and HL900, delivers more consistent lumen output and a longer runtime than other light options in their respective categories. They feature SpeedBeam technology, which automatically adjusts light output depending on a rider’s speed and the amount of ambient light. This helps maximize visibility in changing conditions while also conserving battery power.

Beyond its brightness and lasting power, the Recon series also features a versatile rail mounting system that lets you easily attach the light above or below the handlebar, or on your helmet, with a secure connection that keeps the light beam centered and stable even while riding rugged roads or trails.

To learn more about the full lineup of Recon headlights, click here.

Monday, November 5, 2018