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Digital Trends Impressed with New ToughRoad GX E+!

Product, a website that covers consumer technology news and products, posted a new review of the Giant ToughRoad GX E+, a drop-bar E-bike designed for roads, gravel and dirt. After testing it for a month, they posted a comprehensive review and gave it a near-perfect score of 4.5 stars (out of 5).

Tester Mitchell Nicholson started by describing how the ToughRoad GX E+ fits into Giant’s overall lineup: “Giant’s ToughRoad GX E+ is a gravel bike which, similar to road bikes, features a rigid frame and forks with drop-down handlebars. However, these types of bikes differ from their roadie brethren by sporting a slightly more upright frame and wider treaded tires. These changes make the ToughRoad GX E+ capable on trails and gravel roads, while still allowing it to ride smoothly on anything paved.”

Nicholson then went on to explain the motor system, writing: “When it comes to power, the ToughRoad GX E+ utilizes a Giant SyncDrive Sport motor that’s produced by Yamaha. Throwing out an impressive 80 Nm of pedal assisted power, the SyncDrive Sport is enough motor to have you cruising easily with minimal input. Keeping all that power in check is PedalPlus 4 Sensor technology, which measures the rider’s input to the pedals and adjusts power based on the mode selected. We were blown away by how seamless this all felt.”

Nicholson also covers the EnergyPak 500 battery system, the RideControl EVO handlebar-mounted control system and all of the components on the ALUXX SL aluminum frame. Then, describing its ride performance, he wrote: “We did everything we could to thrash this bike through mud and gravel to try and shake something loose. Over the course of 30 very painful dirt miles and 150 road miles, the ToughRoad GX E+ was no worse for wear. The ToughRoad lives up to its name. We walked away as impressed as we’ve been with any ebike thus far. If you’re looking to get into cycling—and still yearn for pedal-assisted fitness—the ToughRoad EX E+ is your answer.”

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018