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You are the motor. Your bike is the machine. Components are the connection between these two things.

Giant components are created to complement particular framesets and riding experiences. They are purpose-built to address the factors that affect your ride—things like power transfer, comfort and handling—and to target specific performance goals.

It's not about making parts that are simply lighter or stiffer. It’s about making real improvements to your riding experience.


The Contact SLR Aero handlebar series represents Giant's total commitment to System Engineered Performance. Stiff, light and fine tuned to reduce vibration, it dramatically improves aerodynamic performance so you can ride faster with less effort. To learn more about the technologies in this bar-and-stem system, click on the numbers in Figure A below.


The Contact Switch Remote height-adjustable seatpost helps you master the trickiest off-road terrain. It's instinctively easy to use, incredibly light, and durable. The new design is easily converted from external to internal cable routing to maximize the design of your bike. To learn more about the technologies of the Contact Switch seatpost, click on the numbers in Figure B below.


Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), designers created a more efficient integrated bar and stem profile that slices through wind without compromising ergonomics. Design details such as a computer mount on the front of the bar, instead of on top, and a clean, integrated Di2 junction box beneath the stem also help reduce wind drag.


Giant's philosophy of system integration. Focusing on the bike as a complete system, Giant product and engineering teams studied the effect each component has on the other parts of the bike, and optimized them to exact performance benchmarks. Ergonomically fine-tuned to enhance riding position and overall comfort while optimizing key performance characteristics like weight, stiffness, comfort and aerodynamics.


Not all riders are the same. Size-specific reach and drop offers better fit for riders. Designing each bar with ideal reach and drop also allows riders to make quick, easy transitions between the handlebar tops and drop positions. Safer, more comfortable performance for all performance riders.


The Contact SLR series of On-Road handlebars feature unique dual radius drops that optimizes hand positioning when in the drops and ensures proper fit with easier transition to the brake lever and shifters. The resulting shape also cradles the palms of a rider's hands to maximize comfort.


Features: An interchangeable clamp design for standard 7mm (alloy) or 9mm (composite) saddle rails and a reversible outer clamp design allows for 12mm or 23mm offset options, also an extra long lower saddle rail guide designed to cradle lightweight saddle rails securely.

Benefit: Allows for better fit and position on the bike while evenly supporting lightweight carbon, titanium and alloy saddle rails.


Features: Cleverly designed connection between the upper and lower tubes on the post to create a more stable interface.

Benefit: Less side-to-side play providing a more stable performance feel while reducing the annoying free play found in many of the dropper posts in the market.


Features: Easily accessible control lever on the bar for quick access when you need it. The NEW Contact Switch features a shorter throw design requiring less effort from the rider.

Benefit: Quick, easy control and now with less throw, the new Contact Switch is easier than ever to use—complete control when you need it when the trail gets tricky and pedalling efficiency for climbing at your finger tip.


Features: Protecting the cables from the elements is a key feature on trail bikes today. The NEW Contact Switch features the same reliable performance of it's predecessor, but now with the ability to adapt for both external or internal routing of the cables.

Benefit: Creates a clean outlook on the bike while protecting the cable from the elements and reducing the risk of trail elements from snagging the cable.