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From the manipulation of atomic grain structures to our advanced forming and welding techniques, Giant has been at the forefront of aluminum engineering for more than 30 years. Today, ALUXX Aluminum Technology represents the pinnacle of alloy performance.

A heritage of craftsmanship combined with unmatched manufacturing capabilities gives Giant the unique ability to monitor every step of the aluminum frame-building process. Through our cutting-edge materials science, proprietary forming techniques, and attention to detail, we are constantly advancing aluminum performance to create bikes that are lighter, stronger and stiffer. The difference can be felt in the ride. Every aluminum bike bearing the ALUXX Aluminum Technology label must live up to the highest standards and meet the tightest tolerances of any aluminum frame in the world.


Giant's lightest, state-of-the-art aluminum frameset technology featuring our highest strength-to-weight ratios, most advanced forming methods, and unique welding techniques


  • Exclusively features 6011A alloy for unprecedented strength-toweight ratio

Forming methods

  • State-of-the-art butting results in 20 percent thinner (and lighter) tubes than ALUXX SL
  • Features extensive FluidForming (sophisticated manipulation of tubeset shaping via an injection of high-pressure fluid) and some PressForming (basic manipulation of tubeset shaping via direct mechanical pressure)

Welding techniques

  • Features both Smooth (double-pass weld technique with hand-sanding to reduce stress risers) and Slim (custom-fit tube junctures to decrease weld material) welding techniques for minimal weight, maximum strength and the cleanest aesthetics

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Extremely lightweight framesets featuring high-performance strength-to-weight ratios


  • Predominantly features 6011 alloy for a high-performance strength-to-weight ratio

Forming methods

  • Double butting results in lighter weight without sacrificing strength
  • Features PressForming, WarmForming (advanced manipulation of tubeset shaping via an injection of high-pressure air) and FluidForming in select models

Welding techniques

  • Features both Standard (double-pass weld technique without finish sanding/filing) and Smooth welding techniques for outstanding strength and weight

Lightweight framesets featuring optimized strength-to-weight ratios


  • 6061 alloy for optimized strength-toweight ratios

Forming methods

  • Single butting results in light weight without sacrificing strength
  • Predominantly features PressForming

Welding techniques

  • Predominantly features Standard and some Smooth welding techniques for optimized strength and weight


FEATURES: Formed from raw materials in Giant’s own forging facility, ALUXX SL proprietary alloy is 30 percent stiffer than traditional 6061 series aluminum. The increased stiffness allows engineers to use less material throughout the tubes, which results in lighter frames that never sacrifice strength or durability.

BENEFIT: Riders can experience lighter and stiffer frames without sacrificing strength.


FEATURES: Raw ALUXX SL tubesets are further refined through a complex series of processes that increase strength (extrusion), reduce weight (butting) and optimize frame shapes (forming). Two key Giant technologies—FluidForming and press-forming— work together to eliminate gussets, improve stiffness and minimize weight.

BENEFIT: With advanced tubeset manipulation, Giant can improve the overall riding characteristics of the bike, adding stability where it is needed and removing material where it is not.


FEATURES: Many manufacturers use old-fashioned gussets, additional pieces of material welded to the outside of tube junctions, for additional support. Giant pioneered and perfected the use of radically shaped tubesets with all the strength and stability of gusseted tubes—but no added material or welds.

BENEFIT: Stronger, lighter frames with smoother lines and fewer junctions are made possible by Giant’s advanced alloy manipulation capabilities.