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Marianne Vos

Birth Date: 13-05-1987 What is your cycling discipline? Road, cyclocross What is your specialty on the team? All-rounder Where did you grow up? The Netherlands, countryside Where do you currently reside? I still live in the countryside: Babyloniënbroek What is your biggest ... More >>

Marianne Vos

Road, Track, CX World Champ

Rabobank-Liv Team
Nationality Dutch
Birth date 13-05-1987
Specialty All-rounder
What is your biggest achievement? 2x Olympic gold - 13x World Champion (across disciplines) - 3x Giro d'Italia
What is your professional goal for 2016? To get back to top level racing after my injuries of 2015
When did you start racing?  When I was 7
Why do you love cycling? The freedom of what the bike and the sport of brings. Next to that: the game of racing! 
Why do you love riding for Liv? It suits my personality and the aim of the team: to get the right platform for women's cycling and to show that cycling is our way of life. I'm happy to ride with Liv too, because the bikes and gear are high profile and specifically made for our needs.
What is one item you would never leave home without? A bottle & some food; fluids & energy are essential during a ride. More specific because I know myself very well; a short ride might turn out not so short...
What is your favorite place to travel? Italy! Love the nature, culture, people, food; actually the complete atmosphere.
What is your favorite food?  I couldn't do without some fresh baked, brown bread. As a real Dutch: a sandwich with cheese. Something else: fish! You can make me happy with all kinds of fresh fish.
Other than riding your bike, what is your favorite thing to do? Traveling; exploring the world
What is your motivational mantra?

“Success is not final, failure not fatal; it's the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

 Actually, I Can Win a Mountainous Stage Race.  I never thought my capabilities were wide enough to climb & time trial with the best of the world, but with my win in the Giro d'Italia in 2011, I proved to myself that I was wrong.

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