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Liv/giant is a cycling brand dedicated solely to the female rider. The bikes, gear and apparel of Liv/giant are designed and developed by women, for women, to meet the specific needs of all female riders.

It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience or have never ridden before. Whatever your background, wherever you live, and whatever type of riding you aspire to, Liv/giant empowers you to take on new challenges. It gives women the means and motivation to enjoy the journey and celebrate their own individual style.

The products bearing the Liv/giant logo are as diverse as the people they’re created for. Some are designed for serious athletes. Others help you fit cycling into your busy lifestyle. All are made to move you. To strike the perfect balance between fit, form and function, and to inspire you to make cycling part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

3F: Fit, Form, Function

The 3F design philosophy, which stands for “Fit, Form, Function,” keeps Liv/giant engineers and designers focused on three key characteristics in every bike.


Liv/giant bikes are designed specifically for women. Attention is paid to inseam, torso and arm length when creating frame geometry, as well as the dynamics of how women generate pedaling power. Liv/giant bikes place a rider in an ideal balance point over the bottom bracket, increasing efficiency, balance and control. It all adds up to premium ride quality.


Engineers and designers work together to give Liv/giant bikes the unique look that distinguishes them from the crowd, but also delivers and exceptional riding experience. From crafting the lightest, smoothest riding frames to creating distinctive color and graphics, the Liv/giant team wants your heart to soar when you look at your bike—and when you ride it.


Liv/giant definies function by how well the bike performs when ridden in its element. Liv/giant strives to create lighter, faster performance-level bikes, more comfortable and confidence-inspiring sport-level bikes, and more exciting, easier-to-ride lifestyle bikes. Whether your ideal bike is part of the On-Road, Off-Road or X-Road segment, it is Liv/giant's goal to exceed your expectations.