Shannon Galpin delivered more than 50 Liv bikes to support the Afghan National Women's Cycling Team in Kabul.

Join Liv in the Global Solidarity Ride!

July 23, 2014

The brave women of the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team have a mission: to break through the gender barriers that exist in their country and around the world by riding their bikes.

Liv supports the team's efforts and is proud to be part of an upcoming event called the Global Solidarity Ride. Scheduled to take place on August 30, all around the world, this is a way for us all to show the women of Afghanistan that they are not alone in their revolutionary actions.

Shannon Galpin, a brand ambassador for Liv, is helping to organize the event. Shannon is the founder of the Mountain2Mountain non-profit group, which works to improve the lives of women and girls in regions of conflict. Shannon and a few select women from the Afghan team will ride in Afghanistan on August 30. You can join in and show your solidarity for the movement by forming or participating in your own ride on the same day.

“This ride will illustrate how the bike is a revolutionary tool for social justice in countries around the world, but particularly in Afghanistan where these women are the first to ride bikes and show the world the real meaning of bravery,” Shannon said.

Here’s how you can get involved: Simply organize a ride in your region and invite others to join you. You can send any ride information to Liv and Mountain2Mountain, and we’ll spread the word through our websites and social media. Just email your ride info to these addresses:


Keep an eye out for other rides in your area, and please help spread the world by sharing news and information on your favorite social media platforms. You can tag any photos or posts #solidarityride2014 and #livbeyond.