2013 XTC Advanced SL 29er 1

Giant Australia Recalls 2013 Model Year XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 Series of Full Bicycles and Contact SLR 27.2 After-Market Seatposts Due to Fall Hazard

June 6, 2013

Recall Date: June 6, 2013

Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Contact SLR 27.2 seatposts used on Giant brand 2013 model year XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 series of full bicycles and sold after-market.

Hazard: The seatposts on the affected bicycles and those that were sold after-market can crack, resulting in a loss of control and fall hazard

Remedy: Giant Australia will replace the seatposts at no cost to consumers.

Consumer Contact: Giant Australia on (03)8541-4800

Units: About 230 full bicycles and 10 after-market seatposts in Australia/New Zealand.

Description: The bicycles involved are the Giant brand 2013 model year XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 series of full bicycles, while the after-market seatpost involved is the carbon fibre Contact SLR 27.2 model. The SL 29er 0 model is Composite/Blue/White in color, while the SL 29er 1 model is Composite/White/Red. The after-market seatposts are Black in color. The term “XTC” appears on the top tube of both model bicycles, while the name “Giant” appears on the down tube of both. The name “Giant” also appears on the after-market seatposts. Contact Giant Australia on (03)8541-4800 to determine if your bicycle is one that is subject to the recall.

Incidents/Injuries: Giant Australia has received five reports of incidents, one of which resulted in some minor injuries.

Remedy: Consumers should stop riding the bicycles with the affected seatposts and should contact either the authorized Giant dealer from whom they purchased the bicycle or after-market seatpost, or Giant Australia directly, to determine if their bicycle is subject to the recall and, if so, to arrange for replacement of the seatpost. Giant Australia will replace the affected seatposts at no cost to the consumer.

Sold at:
Authorised Giant Bicycle Retailers

Manufacturer: Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Taiwan R.O.C.
Importer/Distributor: Giant Bicycle, Inc.

Manufactured in: Taiwan R.O.C.