Cycling Weekly: Near Perfect Score for Propel Advanced!

May 22, 2015

Cycling Weekly reviewed the 2015 Propel Advanced this week, giving it a near-perfect score of 9 out of 10, and praising the aero road machine’s race-bred performance.

“Giant went to town when designing the Propel frameset,” wrote Cycling Weekly editor Dan Baines. “When it was launched just over two years ago we at CW loved it. What Giant produced looked nothing like what was available at the time, but proved to be one step ahead of the opposition.”

Describing the ride quality of the new Propel Advanced, Baines wrote: “Giant knows that speed doesn’t just come from reducing drag; other factors such as cornering, acceleration and compliance also play their role. On the road you only have to start throwing it around corners to be reminded of that racing pedigree—the lower you get the better it turnes; get your position right and it’s predictable and responsive to changing lines and tight turns. Riding hard brings out the best of the Propel—give it some welly and it offers a rewarding, exciting ride.”

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