The all-new TCR Advanced SL delivers the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any road racing bike in its class.

Big Media Buzz on New TCR, WheelSystems and Saddles!

July 27, 2015

Last month Giant unveiled its all-new TCR range of road bikes along with new WheelSystems and Contact performance saddles featuring new designs and technologies for 2016.

Key cycling editors and reporters from around the world were invited to Mallorca, Spain, where they met with Giant’s product designers and marketing team to learn all about the new bikes and gear. The editors also had a chance to test new products in an ideal setting, spending two days on the world-class roads of Mallorca.

Initial reviews and coverage have started appearing in the media, with global and regional outlets such as Bicycling, BikeRadar and Men’s Journal publishing print and digital coverage of the launch.

Reporting on its initial impressions of the new TCR, Men’s Journal wrote: “We put the top-end TCR Advanced SL through its paces over a couple of days riding around the cycling paradise of Mallorca, Spain. As a true race machine should be, the TCR Advanced SL is precise, responsive, and immediately feels confident. We could feel the efficient pedaling on the six-mile ascent of the Puig Major from Fornalutx, as well as the random sprints against other riders.”

Of the new WheelSystems, Road Bike Review wrote: “We logged two solid rides on the new hoops and were decidedly impressed with their stiffness. Even with calipers drawn tight and some overzealous reefing on the bars, brake rub was non-existent. Braking was predictable and shrill free.”

And in its initial coverage, Road Bike Action also reported on the new Contact saddle line: "Coming in Forward, Neutral, and Upright models, the new saddle line is designed to provide the skeletal support where it’s needed to reduce pressure on soft tissue. In a seven-step, 10-minute process at the dealer, the rider pedals on a trainer so that a pressure map can be created. From there, the correct saddle is determined."

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