Performance Grade

Giant Composite Technology framesets feature performance-grade carbon raw material formed by time-tested construction techniques.

T-600 raw composite material is handcrafted using a modified monocoque construction technique. This eliminates the outermost woven composite sheet (found on Advanced SL- and Advanced-grade framesets) to produce a lightweight, stiff and compliant frameset with outstanding value.


Features: This full-composite, lightweight and highly aerodynamic seatpost is engineered specifically for the unyielding demands of the performance-minded road rider.

Benefit: Increased fore/aft stiffness for maximum energy transmission, improved aerodynamics (compared to a traditional round seatpost), and two offset options (10 or 23 millimeters).


Features: A massively oversize bottom-bracket/chainstay area features a fully integrated, 86-millimeter-wide bottom-bracket design capable of accepting integrated bottom brackets. Joining the bottom bracket to the rear of the frame are asymmetric chainstays for additional stiffness on the driveside and stability on the non-driveside.

Benefit: Outstanding pedaling stiffness for maximum efficiency.


Features: Hand-cut composite swatches are strategically laid-up, piece by piece, to create each frame. The frame's ride qualities are meticulously crafted and controlled through precise layering of each individual swatch (there are more than 500 pieces per frame) in an exact schedule.

Benefit: The direction of each individual piece's composite grain allows Giant engineers to custom-tune each frame's ride characteristics. The result is a careful balance of forgiving vertical compliance and efficient lateral stiffness for maximum performance and all-day comfort.


Features: An oversize headtube/fork-steerertube/headset area provides maximum steering precision without additional weight. The 1 1/8- inch top/1 1/4-inch bottom headset bearings and tapered composite steerer tube are used in conjunction to provide optimal torsional/lateral steering stiffness. Both the top- and downtubes "wrap" around the headtube to provide additional torsional and lateral stability.

Benefit: Pinpoint steering precision is pushed to the highest level. Hard cornering under the most demanding conditions has never felt so confident.


Features: To minimize weight, Giant engineers use FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to develop a strategic layup schedule of Uni-Directional composite. This places the precise amount of composite material where a frame requires it, and minimizes excess material where the structure does not.

Benefit: Giant Composite Technology framesets are some of the lightest frames on the market, affording performance-minded riders lightning-fast acceleration and outstanding climbing prowess.